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Ultimate Gaming Computer

The ultimate gaming computer can depend on exactly what the user wants to get out of their machine for gaming experiences. For some it may be the ultimate graphics, and others it can be the best overall performance, but in order to get a computer that is built for the ultimate experience you need to have everything combined into one machine. If you are looking for items that are separate from each other when it comes to performance, or graphics, then these are some different levels of gamers and we will talk a little bit today on some of the different types of gamers and their computers.

First there is the casual gamer that may not have any idea what the ultimate gaming computer would be, or what it would even look like. These gamers may use a standard store-bought machine, or can even make their own custom computer but are not sure what to put in it. So they take store recommendations for computer parts to make a good gaming computer. After all is said and done the system can run perfectly fine but it may not be running as well as it could. One thing about gaming computers is that you need to understand how computer components work together and feed off of each other to make it a well oiled machine.

Next is a stronger level of gamer that is more serious about gaming and understands their machine and how it works. These gamers may eat and breathe gaming making them a serious opponent. The main components of a gaming computer can be the same as other machines. You need a motherboard, a processor, a graphics card, and RAM. Once the computer is assembled then what you need is a fast enough Internet connection to be able to compete with other gamers at the optimum level.

Here is an example of a gaming computer and its components. A CPU is the brains of any computer, and those brains need to be able to think pretty fast, so a dual core would be an excellent way to start for processing speeds. Next you will need a motherboard that can handle the dual core speeds and allow it process as fast as it needs to. Once you have these you can determine the type of graphics card you need for optimal graphics. The amount of RAM should be between 2 and 4 GB to make sure you have plenty of extra processing power for your games.

When you pair all of these with a large hard drive of 200 GB or more and a power supply between 500 and 600 W, you can have the optimal gaming computer for the games of today. Although the best gaming computers can have much higher specs, this is optimal for most gamers out there today. As long as you have fast computing power and powerful graphics, you should be able to fit in with a group of gamers.

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